Community Building Institute

Announcing the Community Building Institute!

In partnership with United Way, SPARC has  

created a training curriculum designed to inspire local families to become Empowered to become

leaders, Equipped to lead their families and 

Engaged in strengthening their local schools

and communities. 



Module One:

Leading a project

Module Two:

Leadership tools and essentials

 Module Three:

Leading in your community

Module Four:

Leading yourself

Module Five:

Leading your family
While taking these modules, participants also complete a small group community project that showcases their newly developed and enhanced leadership skills.
Currently, the Community Building Institute is a schoolbased program, primarily because its focus is on increasing parent engagement in the local schools and surrounding community. Meetings are held at local schools and coordinated with assistance from school staff. Participating parents also benefit from the program being held at a school, as it provides them with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the school and to build stronger ties with teachers and staff.
While CBI’s primary target is schools, it is also ideal for any community that would benefit from a more engaged constituency.
If you would like to host a Community Building Institute at your location, contact SPARC today!