Got Boys?


If you are a single mother feeling overwhelmed at the thought of raising your son by yourself, if you work with boys on a regular basis, or if you are a mother who simply wants more information on “what makes your son tick,” have we got a special parenting program for you!

In a perfect single-parent world, single mothers and fathers coexist peacefully, working together to raise their children even though they are not together, thereby providing positive role models of both genders for every child in a single-parent home. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Many boys grow up without fathers or other male role models in their lives.

Got Boys is a cross-gender education and empowerment class for single mothers raising sons without the support and daily influence of their son’s father. Although the class is specifically for single mothers raising sons, mothers in twoparent households are welcome to participate and will receive a tremendous benefit as well.

The path of a single mother is difficult and frightening enough. Couple this with raising a boy that she does not really understand and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. You only have to look at the statistics to see what happens when a single mother who is illequipped attempts to raise a son on her own.

Got Boys utilizes brain-based research to assist mothers in understanding the way their sons think, how their thought process affects behavior and the way they handle emotion, as well as various ways to adapt their “mothering” style to successfully raise their sons into responsible, healthy, welladjusted men.


Statistics show that boys who have never had healthy masculinity modeled for them face an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task of becoming a good man. Since healthy masculinity is rarely modeled in the movies, on television, or in our cultural heroes, these boys will never understand how to think, act, and behave like a man, without the presence of a real man in their lives.

Got Boys helps single mothers defy the statistics that indicate they would never be able to successfully raise a son as a single mother. Got Boys helps single mothers develop a positive and healthy life vision for their sons. It teaches mothers to always hold their sons to the higher standard and expect the best. It helps them equip their sons with a vision of what a man should be; to set high standards to strive towards as well as goals and dreams to motivate them.

Most of all, Got Boys teaches single mothers that boys are fun to raise! Understanding the differences between males and females will encourage enjoyment beyond measure in raising sons. It teaches against overprotectiveness and instills single mothers with a necessary sense of humor.

In the end, single mothers will learn that there is no greater satisfaction in life than raising their son from a helpless baby, dependent solely on their mother, only to see him enter manhood with strength of character, dependent upon himself.

Topics of discussion include:
  • The differences between boys and girls
  • The Fatherlessness Factor
  • The Critical Element – Mentoring
  • Effective Communication
  • Boys and Discipline
  • Boys and Sexuality
  • Building Character in Boys
  • A host of other topics!

If you are a single mother feeling overwhelmed at the thought of raising your son by yourself, or a mother who simply wants more information on what makes your son tick, join us as we tackle this subject and take this journey together.