Single Parent 411


Overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and lost are all familiar feelings to single parents.

SingleParent411 is the ongoing support group that gives single parents a safe

place to express their frustration with others who are in the same boat. The

program was created to address a need identified by single parents, faithbased leaders, community leaders, as well as educators: a forum specifically designed to prepare single parents for the various challenges they will face when raising

children alone.  Although parenthood in and of itself is a challenge, the incredible demand faced by single parents is exponentially more difficult. When raising

children, single parents must often make critical decisions on their own without

the benefit of a partner to share ideas and give input. Therefore, providing single parents with the appropriate education, resources, and support is essential

for success.

Traditional parenting groups can often exacerbate a single parent’s existing feeling of isolation when making references to a spouse or parenting partner.

This can highlight a feeling of inadequacy and negatively enable that quiet inner voice within the heart of a single parent, saying, this task cannot be done by

myself. However, by partnering single parents in a supportive group format,

SingleParent411 offers the opportunity to network and build a support system to encourage the realization that they are not alone.