Single Parent 911


SingleParent911 is an ongoing parenting education and support group for singleparent families in crisis.

Parents with court involved youth are especially encouraged to attend.

Every family, regardless of being a single or twoparent family, deals with stress at one time or another. However, when stress gets out of control, it becomes distress: family life becomes harder to handle. When problems within the family become overwhelming or when a parent begins to feel so stressed that they feel unable to parent properly, that family is in a state of crisis. One upside to family crises does exist: usually families are so desperate for things to get better, they are open to change. This is where SingleParent911 comes in.

SingleParent911 helps parents deal with the event(s) that triggered the crisis as well as the accompanying emotions. The program focus surrounds the idea that every family experiences crises; the way single-parent families handle trauma will determine their success or struggle.

Children learn about life from their parents and other adults. How parents deal crises affects how their children also handle crises in their own lives. By equipping single parents to proactively work through difficult circumstances, children will learn that skill as well.

Parents participating in this program develop techniques that promote more active and effective parenting styles, increased coping skills, and developed family resiliency all key elements in the recovery process for families looking to bounce back from trauma. This program provides parents with the necessary tools to instill positive character traits in their children to prevent further incidents.


Parents in crisis sometimes react negatively by parenting harder. Instead of providing leadership and guidance, they begin focusing on implementing controlling measures intended to dominate their child’s negative behavior. This usually backfires and can often increase stress levels in an already tense situation.

SingleParent911 equips parents to instead parent smarter.

SingleParent911 fosters the belief that with help, families can come out of a crisis stronger, with greater knowledge, increased strength, and in a better position than before the crisis.


 Target Audience:
  • Parents with courtinvolved youth
  • New single parents
  • Single parents in alcohol/drug recovery
  • Single Parents with youth involved in negative behaviors
  • Single Parents
  • Foster/Adoptive Parents
  • Teen Parents
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren as single parents
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren in a two-parent household
  • Court Referred Parents
  • Any Parent