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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hello Single Parents,

SPARC is continuously working on projects to benefit single parents in our local community and across the nation. One aspect of the project is to make recommendations for programs and policy improvements that will improve our lives and that of our children. Here is where we need your help. Think of the policies that affect your lives and that of your children. Examples, child care, child care assistance, access to education, family leave, sick/personal leave, flextime at work, small business opportunities, chiid support/visitation, anything at all. If you can think of a way to improve these policies or make them more effective, please let us know. We intend to compile all of them and present them to the appropriate parties. Your voice WILL be heard!

Also, please share any recommendations for program ideas you have that will help.

We want to hear from everyone so feel free to post your thoughts.

Speak up! We are listening!

We appreciate your support!

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