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The Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center (SPARC) was incorporated as a community based non profit 501(c)3 agency in 2001. Since its inception, it has worked diligently to improve the lives of single parent families in its community. SPARC is dedicated to supporting single parents in their efforts to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted, successful children.

It is SPARC's Mission to empower and equip single parents with the necessary tools, resources and support to enable them to create a healthy home environment and nurture their children into a productive and successful adulthood.

Currently, single parent families are over-represented in nearly every negative statistical category. Crime, lack of education, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and many others are prevalent in this community. Statistics seem to indicate that one person cannot raise a child or children alone. If that is true, society is doomed as the majority of today's families are single parent families.

  • SPARC Values single parents who are willing to take the extra steps necessary to ensure their children receive what they need.
  • SPARC Values communities that value single parent families, recognize their special needs and are committed to ensuring that those needs are met.
  • SPARC Values individuals who are willing to volunteer to stand in the gap and help fill the void left by a missing parent.
  • It is SPARC's Vision that single parents will be empowered and equipped to take their place among society's most successful families.
  • It is SPARC's Vision that single parents will no longer be left alone to raise children by themselves, with little or no help from the other parent and the community in which they reside.
  • It is SPARC's Vision that communities will assist in the development of a society that truly adheres to the belief that it does indeed take "a village to raise a child" and no one person, no matter the circumstance should ever be left to do it alone.

Because of the various issues single parents face, SPARC has developed a comprehensive assortment of programs and services. These programs focus on education, improvement and empowerment. SPARC programs are unique in that each program provides individual services for both the parent and the child(ren) thereby supporting the single parent family as a whole. With the number of single parent families increasing every day, it is SPARC's position that single parenthood impacts the life of nearly everyone – either you are a single parent or you know someone who is.


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