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Conditional Cash Transfer Program


The Dream Team is a conditional cash transfer program designed to identify and address housing barriers for low income single parents with school aged children living in extended stay motels. It assists them with eliminating barriers, securing housing and enhancing savings habits. Program duration is 6-8 months and includes moving support.  

Families are required to save each month, attend a monthly workshop, and spend a portion of their funds towards application fees, paying down debt to increase credit and/or paying off any recent evictions. 


SPARC conducts outreach at local motels to identify and enroll single parents who qualify. Each month, families must save, attend a workshop, attend an individual coaching session, apply to at least one apartment and use funds towards addressing a barrier such as debt reduction or paying off an eviction. 

Story of Success

Meet Kiesha

Kiesha and her child were living in a motel for one year. Due to an eviction and the cost of upfront fees, it was difficult for Kiesha to find permanent housing. After Keisha came in contact with SPARC's Dream Team program, her and her daughter have been able to thrive.


Become a DREAM TEAM Sponsor! We're on a mission to transform lives and we need your help! The DREAM TEAM program is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering low-income single parents and their school-aged children who are facing the challenges of living in extended stay motels. By providing conditional cash transfers, we're not just offering temporary relief; we're breaking down the barriers to secure housing and fostering the development of robust savings habits.

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