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Book Buddies is a virtual reading program for elementary students (grades K-5) that pairs them with a mentor and allows them to read aloud to their “Buddy” twice per week in a scheduled online session. Students receive incentives based on the number of hours they read. Reading is the foundational skill for all other subjects. 

Research indicates that up to third grade, students are learning to read. After that, they are reading to learn. Students who have not developed adequate reading skills are at increased risk for failing to make adequate academic progression. Children that are not reading at grade level by the third grade are also at higher risk for not graduating high school and other detrimental outcomes. 



  1. Students will read on or above grade level

  2. To provide students with a volunteer mentor, to be a positive role model in the student’s life

  3. Increase/instill a love of reading in the families we serve


Volunteers are recruited from all sectors with the understanding that all volunteers must pass a background check. 

Reading sessions are Monday – Thursday from 4pm – 7pm with each student and their Buddy reading for 30 minutes.


If you are interested in volunteering, fill out our volunteer form!


SPARC a Love for Reading and become a Sponsor for Our Book Buddies Program! 

Dive into a world where every child discovers the joy and power of reading. As a sponsor, your support will help students set a strong foundation for their academic journey offering incentives that motivate students to reach their reading goals, celebrating every milestone along the way.​

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