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Motel to Home is a three pronged comprehensive housing program designed to support families in their transition from extended stay motels to permanent housing within their community. 



Below are the requirements for assistance through the Motel to Home Program.


Must have school-aged children residing in home


Must have at least 30 days of motel receipts


Must have income to maintain rental payments


Once approved, SPARC will assist with a portion of move in costs. To apply please complete the housing form

Story of Success

Curtrena and her sons faced homelessness after leaving an unsafe environment. She used the money saved up for a down payment on a house to pay for their stay at different hotels. Curtena felt the living arrangements were too unstable for her children and sent them to live with her mother. She alternated nights sleeping in her car or on a friend’s couch before being introduced to a SPARC representative. Being homeless and separated from her children was challenging for Curtrena, whose youngest son was very concerned about her. Through SPARC, Curtrena and her family moved into their home just in time for Christmas. Her friends helped to remodel the house so her boys could have space. Curtrena says, “a whole community I didn’t know I had showed up for me” and “they have helped me to love life again.” She is grateful for the support of the SPARC team for helping to bring her family back together. Her children are currently excelling in the SPARC Book Buddies Program. Curtrena’s goals are to be a more patient and understanding mother while saving up to buy a bigger home. Her advice to those in similar situations is to “not give up.”


Meet Curtrena

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