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New Neighborhood Iniative

The New Neighborhood Initiative is a pioneering program dedicated to enhancing the well-being of families residing in apartment communities with low Child Well-Being Scores. Utilizing a forward-thinking two-generation approach, NNI is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by offering a comprehensive array of programs and services designed to uplift both children and their families while addressing key metrics outlined in the Child Well-Being Index.

The NNI recognizes the challenges faced by families without reliable transportation and easy access to essential resources. That's why our programs and services are seamlessly integrated into apartment communities, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all residents. From providing access to basic necessities to delivering enriching programs directly within their neighborhoods, NNI supports families in stabilizing their home environments while fostering community engagement and social cohesion.

By fostering meaningful connections among residents and introducing them to their neighbors, NNI aims to cultivate robust social capital and empower communities to drive sustainable, positive change from within. Join us in building a brighter future, one neighborhood at a time.


  1. Increase housing stability of families.

  2. Increase social capital and support systems for families within an apartment complex.

  3. Increase financial literacy by incentivizing savings, credit and increase in income.

  4. Create housing partnerships with apartment complexes to provide low barrier housing as a master lease or to lease directly to families.

  5. Provide a two generation approach by providing programming geared towards children in the community (book buddies, flag football, arts and crafts etc. )


New Neighborhood Gallery


Become a New Neighborhood Iniative Sponsor today! Join us in a groundbreaking effort to uplift and transform communities through the New Neighborhood InitiativeAs a sponsor, your invaluable support will boost community well-bring, foster connections, and celebrate inclusion within the community. This is a unique opportunity to be at the heart of positive change, contributing to the creation of vibrant, nurturing environments where children and families can thrive.

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